Sunday, March 19, 2017

March 20-26, 2017

Great job with the posters today crew and the downhill dash!! We still have a long way to catch up with Nathan… but that's ok- we can do it!! ;D

This week is making sure we jam in all the sessions we haven't done yet, just in case all the snow is gone by next week. My intention is to try and ski next week still… We shall see. :(

Tuesday- Swimsuit ski. Although next Tuesday looks way warmer than this Tuesday… there may not be any snow- so let's take our chances!! Photos at 5:45- ski until 7. Skate skiing- we said good bye to our classic skis last week. :( Please make sure you summer wax your skis- something warm and cheap should be put on them.

Thursday- Bring-a-friend to practice. We will be on skate skis- but have the fish scales for the newbies. And each needs to bring $10 as I've never realized that they need to pay their day-use membership. I'm sorry I've never thought of this in the past.

Saturday- Skate ski- bring rock skis and keep your fingers crossed that we can still ski by then.

Team Wind-up will be April 7- it's a sleepover in the lodge. Details still need to be worked out so come with ideas to Thursday's practice. 


Junior Race Team

Thursday- Swimsuit ski- bring your swim suits and goofy outfits and photos will be at 5:45! Skate skiing with Coach Caroline afterwards- with clothes on! :D This will be the last ski of the season for you guys. Parents, please remember that a layer of warm, cheap wax is recommended for the skis to have on them so that they don't sit and dry out all summer.

Sunday- 1-3pm Team Wind-up party. I'll need a volunteer to start the fire outside for us please. Hotdogs and buns will be provided by Mika. If condiments can be brought, a potato salad of sorts, a veggie platter and a dessert- that would be great. I'll send out an email with everyone's names on it, who will be attending the wind-up party and each person can place their name on an item- with a reply-all to the group, that may be the easiest. Thank you everyone for your help with this! And thank you for your participation in this successful season!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

March 13-19, 2017


Thank you everyone for your support and letters to nominate me for Coach of the Year. Award or no award, it is an honour to be a coach everyday. I love it and you guys- so thank you for your support in turn!

Great job on the team relay today!!! Thank you ALL for permitting me to teach the junior team about poor sportsmanship- it was a good lesson and they were all shocked that they could learn from my bad behaviour today!! I'll recap at practice on Tuesday for the rest of you! :D Great day of laughing and glamour!! See Wapiti Nordic FB Page for pics! Thank you Lori for posting those.

This month is flying by and there's still some house-keeping stuff to do… so pay attention to the blog!!!

  • Next week or the week following we will be doing the annual swimsuit edition- (although Fernandois pulled it off well today!!:) ) and the annual bring a friend to skiing (March 23). Bring a friend will be on a Thursday and swimsuit will be weather permitting- dates will be posted for this!!!
  • Year end party is set for April 7, 2017. It's a sleepover- more to come at a later date.
  • Team bonding day- March 19 after practice. We will be having a potluck lunch (I'll be bringing a large pot of Annie's noodles) veggies, drinks, snacks would be welcome. Glue, scissors, glitter, stickers, anything else crafty is welcome to bring to this- it's "make new posters and play games afternoon". If you can come and stay, great, leave early is fine, show for a bit- super awesome. Come out and participate. BRING PICTURES OF THE PAST 3 SEASONS!
  • Team photo day! Thursday 16th- wear your wapiti jacket. If you don't have one, wear a race suit top. 5:45 in the stadium.
  • Downhill Dash- this Sunday- the last of the 6PAC race series for this season! 

Tuesday- Classic. It may be our last one for a long time. :(

Thursday- Skate. PHOTO DAY!!! See notes above. We will practice the downhill dash course!!! :D

Saturday- Cancelled

Sunday-  12:00- potluck and posters. Posters to be finished after race. See note above. 
Downhill Dash- 2PM start at the top of Big Dipper (so show earlier than normal). Registration is 1-1:30 in the lodge- $5/racer. Hand timers will need to be used… I've asked Grant/Crawford to work on setting that course and will need help with a few v-boards to ensure no one gets lost on their dash!

Junior Team

Thursday- Team photo- please wear your Wapiti Coat or Wapiti Race Top and be on snow for 5:45. Skate Practice.

Sunday- 6 PAC race- Downhill Dash! 2PM start at the top of Big Dipper (so show earlier than normal). Registration is 1-1:30 in the lodge- $5/racer. Please wear your skate skis and practice will follow, just like today! Please have your athletes come wearing sunscreen if they're prone to sunburns. It's that time of year!! 

Year End Wind-up party. I was thinking of a hotdog roast at the lodge on Sunday, March 26th. A bit of a scavenger hunt, a few games… from 12-3? Does this work for most people? Please email me: to confirm or decline if this date/time works for most ASAP. Thank you everyone!!