Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sept 26-Oct 2, 2016

What a week and we're heading into October already!! I like some of the effort that was put in this week but need to see more. People are whining during workouts and then saying they're not tired or sore- these workouts that I'm providing you are self driven- you get out of this workout what you put into it. If you're slacking off and not going 110% then you can't expect yourselves to be getting better… rant off.

This week

Tuesday: Meet at the lodge, we are technically in a rest week but as we don't really have time for that- we're doing hills. You can rest on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you're running late you can meet us on Surprise. PLEASE WEAR YOUR WAPITI COAT IF YOU HAVE ONE.

Thursday: Meet out in front of the pavilion. Both teams will sort of be training together. If you're going to be running late you can meet us by the stairs. Juniors- bring your water bottles and we will be working on technique and building up your lungs- over by the stairs. :)

Saturday: I'm hoping to roller ski. If you have your own pair- please bring them. Come with a bike, poles, runners and helmet. It depends on how many show up to practice if you will be roller skiing or not.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

September 19-25, 2016.

What a week! You guys worked hard and in a few weeks you'll start to see the pay-off. Please bring lots of water to the practices- you're going to need it!

This week there we're moving things up a notch- so bring your energy.

Tuesday- out at the lodge- bring a rain coat if it's raining- we're still working out. :) If you're late, we will be out by cross-cross hill/fini.

Thursday- at Muskoseepi Park- if you're late you can find us on the other side of the bridge this time.
       *Please meet outside in the front of the pavilion so that everyone knows where we are- especially for the coach who may be late. :S

Saturday- Running/Ski bounding- meet at the Bertozzi's house (on the Dunes road). Off Wapiti Highway- turn left onto the dunes road (instead of right to the ski trails). Drive to the 4-way stop- go straight and take your third driveway on the right. Meet there for 10am. Bring runners, water bottle holders and short poles. Rain or shine- we will be there.

Juniors- See Thursday note above. More technique on sit-ups/push-ups, dips, lunges etc and running. So please make sure your athlete has their water bottle filled and ready with a snack for afterwards. See you there.